Sun City Players Community Theater

A Community Theater Focused on Performance, Entertainment & Fellowship

Est. 1961 Sun City AZ

Historical records have been found in the microfilm newspaper records in the AZ State Archives at 19th Avenue and Madison.  On May 31, 1961, The Daily News Sun announced that Sun City Players were Sun City’s newest club and joined the ranks among the first clubs organized in Sun City.


On January 8, 9 and 10, 1962, only seven months after the club’s formation, “Marge” a light opera was presented by Players at the Town Hall (the original Fairway Center) rather than at the Community Center (Oakmont).

2017-18 Season in Review

Blithe Spirit

Written by: Noel Coward


Ran Oct/Nov 2017


Director - Phil English

Producer - Anna Thompson



Edith - B.J. Martindale

Ruth Condomine - Mary Harrison

Charles Condomine - Herb Hyland

Dr. Bradman - Greg Engstrom

Mrs. Bradman - Celeste Hyland

Madame Arcati - Greta Paulsen

Elvira Condomine - Sharon Nichols



Making God Laugh

Written by Sean Grennan


Ran Jan  2018


Director - Greg Engstrom

Producer - Jim Mc Connell



Bill - Bill Loslo

Ruthie - Marie Cossley

Richard - Tom Swenson

Maddie - Elanna Donovan

Thomas - Don Schordje





Script & Score by Goggin


 Ran March  2018


Director - Dan See

Asst Director - Bobby Havens

Music Director - Linda Shirck

Bass Player - John Clark

Percussionist - Jack Jackino

Producer - Herb Hyland




Reverend Mother -  Patty Mason

Sister Mary Hubert - Nancy Rasmussen

Sister Robert Anne - Sandy Stanton

Sister Mary Amnesia - Marilyn Le Clair

Sister Mary Leo - Celeste Hyland